About Us / Mission

S.O.S. stands for “Stand Up, Own Up, Speak Up” (you might save a life) and advocates for young adults who are coping with adversities such as violence. bullying, sexual harassment, peer pressure for sex, drugs, and alcohol, or maybe considering drastic measures such as self-harm, dropping out of school or even suicide or homicide.

The United States tour is scheduled to begin February 1, 2020, and ends on June 1, 2020, as a nationwide advocacy campaign intended to reach out to at-risk youth who either need to learn to stand up for themselves or need someone to stand up for them.

These at-risk youth need to learn how to reach out for help when they need it, and especially before they resort to desperate coping measures.

Pre-show tours are scheduled to start May 2019 and end October 2019.

Mission Statement

The S.O.S. Tour Mission is to reach students and young adults throughout the United States and then the world and communicate a message of hope and inclusion for all while combating the current epidemic of violence, drug and alcohol abuse, bullying & cyber-bullying, homicide and suicide. S.O.S. Foundation is finding multiple ways to raise funds to help an at-risk youth in need as well as to lend an ear in support. Our mission at SOS FOUNDATION is to save lives!

The main focus, and goal of SOS TOUR is to Stand up own up speak up and to save a life!